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Value Bets

We present our investment recommendations clearly as one product. That product involves a betting limit for odds, and when the odds are above that limit we recommend betting on a specific player or team. The product also involves recommendation for staking, which can be adjusted to suit the customers’ risk profile. You can find our investment recommendations on the Value Bets -page, the link for that page can be found in the menu bar of this site after you have registered, and your user rights have been confirmed.

Where do we invest?

We invest in any sporting event where an athlete or a team, receives odds that are higher than the probability of the winning bet. We also hold an extra requirement – we only invest in events for which the betting turnover is, or will be, high enough for all our customers to benefit from and to be able to significantly take stake in the event.

Betting modes

Our investment recommendations are primarily in, so-called, Asian line mode where the draw result is eliminated. Odds-makers have several different Asian line handicaps for customers to choose from – for example 0/dnb/ml, +0.5, +1, +1.5 – and sports bettors can choose which ever handicap they would like to bet on.

In our investment recommendations, we emphasise the winning probability of bets, over the expected long-term return of investment. We clearly state our opinion of which handicap is the smartest investment, but we also publish odd limits for other handicaps too.

The Value Bets Track Record is our most important asset

Premium Value Bets Track RecordValue Bets Track Record

The up-to-date Value Bets Track Record tool illustrates the success of our bet recommendations, if the recommended bets were placed with odds and stake that were available when the recommendations were published. The Value Bets Track Record is our most important asset as well as our best marketing tool. We do not publish the bets that have been counted in the Value Bets Track Record, because we do not want to lose the research-based edge we have on the betting market.

The expected profit

Because the sports betting market is developing all the time; success in the past does not guarantee success in the future. Beating in a betting market that has succeeded for decades, is a strong argument that supports developing methods that will also be profitable in the future.
We believe we will have a 104 percent profit in investment turnover. Please note that the fine quality of investment in sports betting is how capital circulates; the bankroll constantly grows, and stakes are not tied to any investment for an extended period of time.