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Premium Value Bets was founded in 2015. It focuses on sports betting research and analysis.

The company was created out of the joint ambition of a group of sports betting professionals to create a clear, high class, and elegant sports betting service.

Our main function is to analyse sporting events for investing targets, with a positive return of investment in liquid sports betting markets.

Premium Value Bets analysts are Joni Collan and Tuukka Kokko. Collan and Kokko are both sports betting experts in their late thirties. They both have over ten years of experience as professional sports bettors.

Collan and Kokko have been independent sports bettors and analysts for the last few years, but earlier they both have worked as a main analyst and odds calculator for a major international sports betting consultant company.

oni Collan’s strength as a sports betting analyst is his passion for his work and the experience he has gained from extensive work hours. Collan’s strongest analysis markets are Premier League, Finnish Veikkausliiga and North American pro soccer league MLS.


uukka Kokko’s strong markets are, thanks to his own background in sports, football, especially Bundesleague and English Championship. Also due to his experience, he is a strong expert in Finnish ice hockey league SM-liiga. Kokko’s strength as an analyst is his ability to simultaneously concentrate on multiple sports leagues.
One of Collan’s and Kokko’s undeniable success markets are the major international football tournaments. Every tournament in this millennium, with the exception of Euro2012, has been very succesful for them.
Premium Value Bets was founded out of a need to share betting knowledge with a wider audience. Collan and Kokko value feedback and contact with their customers. After over ten years of profitable sports betting winning from one’s own office, and only for oneself, does not offer the same kind of satisfaction as it initially does at beginning of one’s career.
It is more rewarding to win as a group. With these thoughts Premium Value Bets was created by Collan and Kokko to be the sports betting analysis site that they woud like to use themselves.

Our core values

The Value Bets Track Record

Transparency in investing proposals

Customer relations

We look after your sports betting decisions as if they were our own


We do not co-operate with any third parties involved in sports betting industry

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